british gas logoBanham is a reliable company which specialises in supplying a wide range of home security products Their alarm systems are available for domestic and commercial properties and there is also a smart alarm system which uses cutting edge technology for the most secure and convenient user experience.

Banham Reliability

You won’t need to worry about quality when you choose a Banham alarm system. This company is the biggest independently run alarm fitting company in London and have a good reputation in the industry. All systems which are connected to the ARC monitoring system have a lifetime guarantee and all installations comply with British and European safety standards. All of Banham’s alarm systems are also NSI approved.

Residential Alarm Systems

For users who need a reliable security solution for their domestic property, Banham offer a tailored service to suit the needs of each individual home. A site survey is required to assess the requirements of the property and then the best system can be devised to accommodate those needs. Pet friendly systems are available and as the control of the system is all carried out using a keypad it couldn’t be easier to use. There are two types of system – an Xpander range which is wired and which is supplied with a host of essentials including a dummy alarm box, a remote control facility and infrared detectors. For those who would prefer a wireless system for complete convenience the Anno 85 range comes with a panic button and an external siren.

Key Fobs

There are key fobs which come complete with Banham’s residential alarm systems which can allow for multiple users to access the system. These represent an easy and convenient way to secure or disarm the property and are surprisingly easy to programme.

Smart Alarm

The smart alarm system from Banham allows users to control, monitor and manage their alarm remotely through a mobile app. Devices can be activated or deactivated, the alarm can be set or switched off, and as the app works with all devices it offers seamless monitoring from anywhere in the world as long as there is a working internet connection.

A Full Service

Not only can you benefit from a high quality alarm system from Banham you can also benefit from monitoring 24/7. Their automatic remote maintenance centre keeps the system fully functional by checking continuously on the electrical status of the system, keeping reports on its functionality. Users can also benefit from free technical support over the phone and can receive a free system remote reset if and when required. All of the systems can be connected to a 24/7 alarm monitoring system which is connected to the police network. There are several levels of monitoring package and the service is entirely carried out in house with no third party involvement for the highest quality service. As well as having security monitoring for intruders there are also many other forms of monitoring including for fire, flood, CCTV and humidity levels which can be covered.

Our Conclusion

Overall, Banham alarm systems are very good value for money, offering a reliable and easy to use system that is ideal for the needs of most homeowners. Since the system can be fully monitored, you can leave the house confident that you will be alerted should there be any potential problem in your home. There are monitoring packages available to suit all eventualities and there are also maintenance packages to ensure that the system stays up and running to its full potential. As the system is tailored to the needs of your own home you can be certain that it will meet all of your security requirements.