CleverLoop Smart Home Security System


With its base station and indoor and outdoor cameras, this security system kit from CleverLoop allows the user to keep a close eye on everything that happens both outside and inside their home remotely from a tablet or smartphone. With simple to install cameras that deliver impressive image quality, they can store video locally and in the cloud allowing it to be used as evidence as necessary at a later time.

Base Station Features And Design

This system comes in at around £470 and comes with two cameras for indoor use and two for outdoor use as well as the essential base station. The small and compact base station allows for a storage device to be connected to store recordings and a microSD card that holds 8GB of footage comes with the device. The cloud storage lasts for 7 days and is completely free. Footage can also be shared and downloaded from the mobile app.

Cameras Features And Design

The indoor cameras have 115 degrees of vision and have 8 IR LEDS so that footage can be captured at night. There is a speaker and microphone allowing for 2 way audio and mountain hardware allowing the camera to be fixed to the ceiling or wall. The outdoor cameras have a metal enclosure to protect from dust and water. It has a field of view of 60 degrees and while it cannot support 2 way audio, it features 24 IR LEDS which allow for as much as 65 ft of night vision. In daylight, the outdoor cameras have excellent image quality with good contrast and rich colours. The real time video has no lag and recorded images are very sharp. Even the night video in black and white is well lit and sharp.

Android And iOS App

The app for mobile devices has been well designed with its intuitive interface. It allows users to watch live streamed video, run diagnostics on the camera or push alert notifications. The base station settings can also be adjusted from the app including disarming, arming and automatically arming the system’s alerts and motion detection functions.

Smart Detection

If you have pets, you can just press a switch and the motion detector will ignore any pet activity, creating motion hotspots in porches, driveways and entryways. The system will also filter out movements such as fluttering leaves or waving bushes to avoid false alarms.


It is easy to set this device up independently without any need to call in a third party installer for convenience and cost effectiveness. By simply following the instructions you can easily fit the system to your chosen rooms.


If you are keen to monitor the activity that is not only taking place inside your property in your absence but outside it too, the CleverLoop could be the perfect smart system for you. Relatively simple to configure and install, it has impressive motion detection technology which is especially good at filtering out potential false alarms. Its video quality is very good and sharp, and thanks to the 7 days of free cloud storage you can easily view images and save them to another device if necessary to keep as evidence. Although this system cannot currently support any 3rd party smart devices for a fully automated home, it is possible that this functionality will be introduced soon and updates may be made available to facilitate this. Overall, this is a very good system for anyone who has a particular interest in recording the happenings around their property and who are looking for a modern and user-friendly system.

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