What does the Logitech Circle cost?

The Logitech Circle is a modern home monitoring solution that allows you to keep an eye on your property from anywhere thanks to its remote functionality. It comes complete with night vision so you can film at night, cloud storage to keep recorded footage for evidence, and motion sensors to trigger the camera and microphone’s activation, and comes in at around £160 pounds which is quite reasonable for such a well designed and modern device.

Installation of the camera

It is quite easy to set up the Logitech Circle. Its camera comes in 3 pieces – the mounting plate that is screwed into a ceiling or wall, a charge dock that fixes onto the mounting plate and then the camera itself. The camera rotates independent of its stand, and with its 110 degree tilt it can easily be positioned to the best direction to pick up any potential intruders. Anyone can fit this device in their home and there is no need to arrange for professional installers to come around so you can save on this expense.

Control Abilities

This device is only controllable through a smartphone app which is available for either Android or iOS devices free of charge. It is very easy to download, install and use, and users can easily see live streamed footage from the camera remotely. There is also an interface which can be accessed from a web browser which allows you to check on your home from a PC making it very easy to stay up to date with happenings inside your home as long as you have a working internet connection.

System Features

The Circle’s sensor records video in full HD for the best possible quality, and as it also features an inbuilt speaker and microphone you can hear what is going on in your home and even talk through the camera to anyone in the room. The infrared night vision also allows filming in the dark so even events that take place during the night can be recorded and viewed without any problems. The Day Brief facility also allows users to download highlights of the day’s activity and watch them on any device of their choice. This handy function allows users to see everything which happens while they are out of the house so they can easily monitor their property either while they are at work or when they are away on holiday. Although 24 hours of cloud storage for footage is given free of charge, you will need to take out a subscription to Circle Safe if you want a longer period of storage. This costs £80 annually, and while this is quite costly, it is a cheaper option that the subscription packages which are offered by some of Logitech’s rivals.

Is The Logitech Circle Recommended?

Thanks to its full HD camera and its many interesting features which, among other things, allow users to actually speak to people inside the house remotely, this is a particularly useful device, especially for families who are looking for a convenient and reliable way of monitoring their children who are at home alone or for keeping an eye on pets while away during the day. Even without taking out the annual subscription you can still have a full 24 hours of footage storage for free, and as you can log in through the smartphone app and track live feeds and recorded events from the palm of your hand no matter where you are, it is a very useful system. Add to that its ease of use and simplicity to install and all around it represents good value for money.

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