Nest Camera Home Security Review


Although Nest are best known for their modern take on the home thermostat, the company, which is owned by Google, have gone on to develop a wider selection of impressive smart devices which work in tandem with each other to protect or automate the home in the most technologically advanced way. This Nest weatherproof outdoor camera is the latest addition to their cutting edge range and it perfectly complements the indoor camera from the brand with similar specifications and performance, making them the ideal duo for maximum home security all around the property. As expected, the pair work perfectly together and can be controlled through the same companion app for even greater convenience and ease of use.

Build, Design and Cost

Coming in at £179, the Outdoor Nest Cam is waterproof and extremely rugged, meeting the IP65 certification standards. It is perfectly capable of surviving through poor weather and its innovative magnetic base is able to be screwed into a wall providing a magnetic cradle for the camera’s rounded back. The speaker holes are located on the bottom of the camera protecting them from water damage and the rugged USB cable has a waterproof junction for extra safety.


The camera is full HD but defaults to 720p mode, although this resolution still works well. There are ten infrared sensors which allow for effective night filming too. The speaker and inbuilt microphone work for 2 way communication and its downloadable app for Android and iOS devices is especially cutting edge thanks to its intuitive interface.

Use And Installation

The kit comes with all of the essentials to install the camera yourself, so you won’t need to call in the professionals. Coming with everything down to the wall plugs and screws for fixing up the magnetic base and the cable clips for securing the USB cable, it’s easy enough to fix up this device independently. Once the camera has been physically installed it can be brought online easily with the Nest app.


Users will appreciate the impressive picture quality, especially if the camera is set into 1080p mode. The camera is capable of recording at 30 frames a second although this can strain a slow broadband network, however the 720p setting is virtually as detailed and it needs less bandwidth. The ten infrared sensors ensure that even during the night video quality is good, and when it comes to audio, the microphone can pick up even subtle sounds and the speaker can deliver your voice clearly when speaking through your phone remotely. The motion sensor can differentiate fairly well between humans and pets, and this minimises the number of false alarms.

Cloud Storage

The Nest Aware service is available with a subscription and stores as much as 30 days of stored footage in the Cloud. While this service is accessible and very reliable it is also pretty costly and yet it is essential to take advantage of the best features of this camera.


The camera has excellent specifications and its footage is extremely clear making it ideal for use in evidence in case of an intrusion incident. As it can also integrate with other products from the Nest range including the famous Nest thermostat, it has a strong advantage over many other home security and monitoring systems which have either limited or no connectivity with other smart home devices. As it is very simple to set up independently and has a highly intuitive cutting edge mobile device app, this system is easy to control and utilise making it a good choice for all kinds of domestic users.

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