The Philips Hue Review


More people than ever are starting to turn their home into the digital home of the future and part of that exciting possibility is the Philips Hue lighting system. This innovative product isn’t just a lightbulb, it’s an expansive system which allows you to light up your home in a wide variety of ways.

What Does The Philips Hue Cost?

The Philips Hue is a lighting ecosystem which can be adjusted to suit your needs. This means you can get just one product or several for your home and this means that the price can vary dramatically. You can buy a starter kit which gives you all the essentials for getting started at the cost of £149. You can also add additional bulbs to your system in either bayonet or screw format as well as lamps, LED strips, ceiling GU10 spots and motion sensors. In total you can add as many as 50 bulbs into your system – enough for anyone. As a frame of reference, a white screw bulb costs £24 however a multicoloured one is £49.

Starter Kit

The starter kit comes with 3 LED bulbs as well as a hub which is connected using an ethernet cable to your broadband. Although the bulbs look conventional, they communicate via ZigBee wireless protocol with the bridge and with other bulbs creating a mesh network that allows distant bulbs to relay and communicate with closer ones. You can either set up the bulbs in different rooms or the same one, however, since the lighting schemes use colours that complement each other, having all the bulbs close together produces the best effect.


The app is easy to download to iOS or Android devices and once you have configured your system the interface is user-friendly and efficient, allowing you to choose easily what you want each bulb and each room to do. There are many shades to choose from too with 16 million colours and preset scenes such as “concentrate” and “energize” which help to simulate natural daylight or boost energy levels. The app allows you to set timers for the lights too in order to deter burglars and the Home & Away feature automatically switches lights off and on simply by knowing if you are in or out of the house. Bulbs can be programmed to react to movies or music and the system can even be connected to Amazon Echo or Google Home for use with voice commands for a more integrated smart home system. It also functions with the Logitech Harmony and Apple Homekit. In fact, it can actually work with any Google Assistant device such as your Android smartphone.

Is The Philips Hue Recommended?

The Philips Hue may be a fun gadget to use but it is also highly functional too, combining the best of both worlds. As it is so easy to set up, anyone can do it without having to rely on any external third party professional help, and it can easily be controlled remotely through the app allowing you to choose settings for each room and each individual bulb to suit your needs. You’re sure to enjoy the entertainment of watching the lights change when listening to your favourite song or watching a favourite film, and some of the settings such as Reading are ideal for setting the mood and really relaxing to improve your mood and well-being. Although the Philips Hue system is quite costly, it is very expandable and can be a whole house lighting solution, especially when connected to your smart home system such as Amazon Echo which opens up even more possibilities.

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