british gas logoThe Risco Agility 3 alarm system from Risco is an excellent contemporary choice for today’s business and homeowners. Using the latest cloud technology it also allows users to self-monitor their property so that they can be convinced of its safety.

The basics

This intruder alarm offers the user smartphone compatibility and remote monitoring as well as extendable sensors. There are four primary components which come with the kit – up to eight wireless eyeWave PIR camera detectors, a free to download smartphone app, access to the RISCO Cloud cloud service, an alarm keypad. Should you wish to add on any additional components there are also optional extras which can be paid for separately including smoke alarms.

How Does It Work?

The Agility 3 works by using the eyeWave PIR cameras to detect any intruders in the property. These cameras must be installed by professionals in key locations around the house. Once a sensor has been triggered the user is alerted and the camera will take several still images of the room so that whatever triggered the alarm can be seen at a glance. From the sensor, these images are then sent direct to the RISCO Cloud and then from there to the smartphone app of the user who can access the images either from their mobile device or through a web application should that be more convenient. Once the user has looked at the pictures they will be able to see at a glance whether there is any suspicious activity in their home. All the images taken by the camera are also transmitted to the remote monitoring station. It is possible to control the alarm either via telephone or the cloud however it will only be raised once an intruder has been confirmed.

The Benefits

The PIR eyeWave sensor is an especially useful feature of this system since not only can it detect motion in the property it can also photograph what is happening in the room. 8 PIR cameras should be sufficient for an average size property as their viewpoint has a wide angle. They can also function in dark conditions thanks to an infra-red light. As all images are also saved in the cloud it is possible to retrieve shots at a later time, making them essential evidence for a criminal case or insurance claim. Although the images do not have HD quality, they are easy to see. Another great advantage of this system is that it can be extended thanks to the range of other available sensors such as smoke detectors, to give homeowners greater peace of mind that their property is being effectively monitored.

Is The Agility 3 Recommended?

If you need to choose a home security system Risco’s Agility 3 is a great choice. Not only does it use advanced technology but it also offers homeowners the convenience of combined sensors and cameras in a single package for more discreet home monitoring while also allowing quick responses to be made as soon as an intruder is detected thanks to the ability to view the images immediately through the use of the monitoring app which can be downloaded to any smartphone or mobile device. Although this system must be fitted by a professional to make sure that the sensors are functioning properly and are correctly positioned, the Risco Agility 3 represents great value for money and as it is very easy to use it is a great choice for all kinds of families who are looking for excellent home security at a price they can afford with the ability to monitor their home from any location.