scantronic-logoScantronic’s range of home security systems range from low cost affordable versions for those whi are looking for protection on a tight budget to top of the line professional systems which incorporate cutting edge technology. The Scantronic 9448 is a middle range system which is relatively basic but which is at a price point that will make it accessible to most homeowners.

A Hard Wired System

This hard wired alarm system offers greater reliability than a wireless system which requires batteries. Since it runs directly from the mains, replacing batteries will never need to be a consideration, and also the chance of the devices failing to communicate over the radio waves with each other will be reduced. While there are advantages to having a system that is hard wired, there are also some negative considerations to bear in mind. As the system has to be fitted into the home’s mains system, using the services of a professional security system fitter is highly recommended to ensure correct fitting and to guarantee proper concealment of the wires so an intruder would be unable to tamper with them.

No Modern Features

The Scantronic 9448’s design is somewhat outdated today, and lacks some of the key requirements which today’s users expect. For example, there is no LCD display and no events logs, which limits the ability to identify faults and to ensure that the system has been correctly activated. On the other hand, with its simple numerical keypad, it appeals to those who are looking for design simplicity and ease of use. It also features a remote control which allows for disarming or arming the system without the need to actually access the control panel. This is an ideal system for those who aren’t very tech-savvy and who are looking for user-friendly functions.

Installing The System

It is highly recommended to have the system installed by professionals unless you are extremely competent with complex DIY work. However, this is a simple system to fit, considering that it is hard wired, and this means that the cost of having the alarm professional fitted should be lower since it is quicker and easier to fit than many rival systems.

Devices And Sensors

The Scantronic 9448’s system uses basic sensors and technology to alert homeowners to any intruders entering their property. Although the protection and coverage is reasonable, it remains fairly basic – for example, the lack of a pet-friendly option means that it is all too easy for the alarm to be accidentally triggered by a cat or dog, providing a false alarm.

Is The Scantronic 9448 Recommended?

Having any form of home security system is always better than having no alarm in place at all, therefore if your budget can only stretch to this system it is a solid and dependable choice. Functional and simple to use, this system offers a decent amount of protection and coverage for your property from burglary and intruders. Affordable and representing good value, it is an especially suitable system for anyone who values user-friendliness highly and who wants a system that will be a breeze to use. Free from any complex operating techniques and functions, and offering a good level of basic protection, it is perfect for technophobes. However, for anyone looking for cutting edge functionality, the Scantronic 9448 is certain to disappoint since it lacks all of the key functions which modern consumers expect and which can be found in security products which have harnessed the latest technology. As such, it lacks much of the additional protection options and flexibility that many rival systems provide.