texecom-logoComing from Texecom’s leading range of burglar alarm panels, the Texecom Premier Elite system is flexible, robust and capable of full integration with wireless and wired accessories and sensors for a fully customised solution for any property. With its scalability and versatility, it represents good value for money thanks to its ease of use and its outstanding customisability.

Advanced Programming

With its well-structured programming, the Premier Elite has a simple to use menu based system and LCD keypad for ease and speed. For those who want to programme with more complex functionalities, it can also be done remotely through Windows.

Customisable Design

There are several varieties of Premier Elite panels with options to choose between wireless and wired sensors, or a combination of both. Expanders offer this supreme level of flexibility, so installers can scale up the system to include more zones where necessary. There can be as few and 8 and as many as 640 zones depending on your needs, the panel selection and the amount of expanders. There are also two different security levels to choose from – Grade 2 in a polymer case or Grade 3 in a metal one.

Multiple Control Options

User control is also highly flexible with this system with options to use remote keypads, smart keys, a smartphone app or proxy tags.


This is a stylish system with a standard LCD display and a choice of finishes including diamond white, satin chrome, polished chrome, white polymer, diamond black, gun metal or polished brass. They can also be flush mounted or surface mounted to suit.

Smart Home Compatibility

Future proofing your home is a breeze with the Premier Elite since a SmartCom module can be added to the panel enabling its alarm system to connect to the internet and be controlled remotely via an app or through Wintex. Smart Plugs also enable connection to non-security devices like lights.

There are many excellent features including:

  • Several LCD key pads can be integrated into the system together with smart keys and proxy tags
  • Remote control option
  • Ability to create multiple areas for bespoke programming
  • 25 multiple user codes to track activities and movement of those inside the property
  • Date stamped event log recording over 500 events
  • Simple installation
  • Simple programming and Wintex functionality
  • Multi-resistance compatible
  • Easy to expand
  • Reliable
  • Easy to programme
  • Well designed panel
  • Price Of The Texecom Premier Elite

    Although this isn’t the lowest cost system available, it gives excellent value for money thanks to its impressive number of features. Buying a kit represents the best option.

    Is The Texecom Premier Elite A Recommended System?

    This system is well-designed and sturdily built making it a reliable and robust choice for homeowners. Offering plenty of versatility and the flexibility to customise zones, it gives users complete peace of mind when out of the house as well as the opportunity to future proof their alarm system for the future. Its compatibility with smart home systems such as lighting makes this an even more cutting edge option, and with its easy expandability and its ease of programming, it is simple to install and set up without too much fuss. If anything, the only downside to this system is that it may actually have too much functionality and this can slow programming down and also impede fault finding should there be a problem with the system. Overall, however, this is a well priced and thoughtfully designed system that should appeal to a wide range of homeowners who are looking for a trustworthy and dependable alarm system to guarantee their home’s security.