Visonic-logoThe PowerMaster was released a few years ago by Visonic, and while its wireless set up means that it cannot rate more highly than a grade 2 for security, it remains a strong choice for low risk commercial and domestic installation purposes. Thanks to its narrowband 868MHz frequency, it is a very reliable choice and represents a real alternative to a hard wired installation for those who would rather avoid the expense and fuss of having a system installed in this way.


Having been designed to be a completely integrated two way wireless system, the PowerMaster is surprisingly easy to install which cuts down on both cosmetic damage and the time spent in installing a hard wired system. This makes the system a lot less hassle and also a lot less expensive to install.

2 Way Technology

This device harnesses the new technology of a 2 way wireless system which constantly polls all of the connected devices checking their status continuously. This means that the sensor battery life can be saved since the detectors can be turned off if they are not currently in use, potential faults can be reported much more quickly, and devices can be deleted, added or modified on the system using the control unit very rapidly and simply.

The products

The PowerMaster system has the capacity to accommodate many types of detector as well as two sounder shapes and two kinds of remote keypad. There are three options of well-designed control pad which each have their aesthetic and functional advantages. The alarm can be operated following programming with remote key fobs for convenience.

Server Connection

Thanks to the server connection it is possible to monitor the system yourself with the Visonic-Go smartphone app. This is very easy to do by simply entering the panel user code and allows for convenient fault checking and status confirmation. When logging into the app (which is available for both Android and iOS devices) it is possible to see at a glance all of the devices which have been enrolled onto the system, and any problems which have arisen. It is then possible to set the alarm and test it to ensure that the system is functioning correctly with notifications being sent to the mobile app as confirmation that everything is operating as it should.

Adding Devices

It is also a breeze to add new devices to the system. Thanks to the two way functionality, all parameters are simply carried out through the control panel, with a 7 digit unique code identifying the device.

Our Conclusion

Although early users of the PowerMaster system were sceptical about its capabilities, thanks to the latest technology of the two way system its reliability has been considerably improved. It is now a very dependable system which is very easy to install, especially when compared with a traditional hard wired unit, and only takes around a couple of hours to get set up and running perfectly.. Its programming system is relatively intuitive and simple to check thanks to the smartphone app which allows for remote controlling of the alarm and there are no glitches to be seen in the system. There are many detectors available as well as three different control panel options to suit your needs and tastes. Overall, this system represents excellent value for money and, while it doesn’t offer full smart home functionality unlike some of its rivals on the market today, it offers plenty of bang for your buck and enough security for any domestic or light commercial user to have complete peace of mind that their property is well protected.