YI Outdoor Home Security Camera


This high quality camera for outdoor use has excellent specifications, impressive features and customisable settings, coming complete with cloud storage and a micro SD card, an inbuilt alarm and a two way microphone that offers enough versatility to please most homeowners. A good quality outdoor camera is a key part of any home security system, and the YI can deliver on this count making it a useful choice for homeowners who want to protect the exterior of their property through remote surveillance while they are away from home.

Customisation and Features

Compared with many other outdoor cameras, the YI performs well. Its resolution is 1080p and although it only functions at 20 frames per second it still offers clear pictures. Its wide angle field of vision covers 110 degrees which is sufficient to give a decent view. There is also 2 way audio which allows the user to hear noises in their home and to communicate remotely with anybody in the property.

What does the yi outdoor camera cost?

The YI camera is a lot less expensive than many of its rivals coming in at around £100 – around half the price of some of its competitors.

Outdoor Features

Designed to function outdoors in all weathers, the YI camera is dustproof and water resistant, and is capable of withstanding temperatures down to 5 degrees Fahrenheit and up to 122 degrees Fahrenheit.

Installation Features

Possibly the best thing about this camera is that it is easy and quick to install. Simply download the app to a mobile device, plug the camera in and connect the app and device and you’ll be good to go. The camera has a pivoting mount which can be turned to any angle however it cannot be tilted or panned although it does zoom out and in.

Live Video

Users can access live streamed video feeds from as many as 12 cameras from their smartphone app. They can also use the app to access the microphone, take videos and pictures and share the live feed with as many as 5 people.

Customized Alerts

Users can also customise their settings to choose a particular alert area and to adjust the sensitivity. It’s also possible to choose time periods when alerts are received. There is also a deterrent alarm inbuilt which is triggered by motion.


There is a microSD slot which can take up to 32GB of recorded footage. There is also the option to store footage on the Cloud. This allows the recorded footage to be accessed from any location and at any time. It also boasts unlimited space for storage however a subscription is necessary and can cost up to £20 per month depending on whether the user chooses the standard plan or the premium one. The premium plan records footage 24/7 while the standard plan will save only videos which were caught on motion detection.


The YI outdoor camera offers users many excellent benefits not least of which being how easy it is to install without the need to use a professional installation team. As the video quality is also very good and there are different storage options it is easy to use footage as evidence in any incident. The camera lens, while not the widest, is easy to manoeuvre into position and the user friendly app is well featured and intuitive to control. As the app allows users to easily adjust their settings and to watch as many as 12 video streams consecutively, this is a functional system that represents great value for money, especially as its purchase price is half that of many of its nearest competitors.

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