british gas logoThe British Gas burglar alarm is modern, minimalistic and sleek and as it is completely wireless it couldn’t be easier to install with no difficult wiring to be carried out, no mess and no need to call in a professional installer and a high cost.

What does the British Gas Home Burglar Alarm Cost?

With the starter kit coming in at just £199, this is a self-install system which also comes with a charge of £8 per month to cover the monitoring service to alert the owner through email or SMS if an alarm is detected.

Device Connectivity

This is an expandable kit which can be connected to many other devices to complete a smart home system. As well as a separately available external siren, you can add many other devices from smart plugs and carbon dioxide detectors to water leak detectors and pet friendly motion sensors.

Key Fobs

It’s possible to have multiple users of the system, with each user having their own key fob which enables them to disarm or arm the system independently. This also allows for convenient monitoring of who has entered and left the property. The remote key fobs mean that there is no need for a remote keypad as it’s possible to control and monitor the system via the web through an app called the Dashboard.

The Online Dashboard

Once you have installed the system and set it up you can then monitor and control the home security system through the online dashboard which can be accessed securely via an app. This allows you to control your security devices no matter where you are in the world as long as you have a functioning internet connection. Using the dashboard, it’s possible to deactivate or activate the alarm, monitor your home’s temperature, check up on who is home, turn appliances off or on and customise who is sent alerts and the method via which they are received.

The Monthly Fee

Although you have to budget a monthly service fee into the price of this system, you get a lot for your money including a lifetime warranty with free replacements of any of the products should they develop a fault during your contract’s lifespan. You will also get free technical support and customer support 24/7, battery and GPRs back up so if your broadband fails or your home has a power cut your security will not be compromised. You will also receive text or email alerts so you can take the appropriate action. There is a mobile app which is free to download and software upgrades will be available regularly for the hub, devices and dashboard. Through the SmartPlug you will be able to control your appliances remotely and with presence monitoring it is possible to check who is in the house.

Our Conclusion

Perhaps the best feature of the British Gas system is how easy it is to set up. All you need is a router with Ethernet port, a broadband connection, a power supply and a smartphone to get the most out of your system. You will be able to fit it independently in minutes and programming the system is also a breeze. The flexibility of the system is also a great advantage since it can be expanded and connected to a range of useful smart home devices from gas leak detectors to smoke detectors so that no matter where you are you can feel completely confident that your home is thoroughly protected. The only downside is that there is no police alert if your alarm is triggered – you will only receive a message from the response centre to tell you about the potential incident.