Canary Security System Review


The plug and play Canary system is super quick to install and offers a really convenient way to monitor all the key elements of your home. With its many impressive functions and cutting edge technology, it provides whole smart home functionality in a single intuitive package.

What does the canary home security system cost?

The cost of the Canary is around £160, however it’s important to note that some of the services are only available through subscription which costs £79 a year. Although it’s possible to operate the system without membership, there are some key elements of functionality which would be unavailable including the inability to view more than a few seconds of recorded footage, the inability to download the footage to a smartphone, the lack of a night mode and the inability to use the 2 way Canary talk system. This means that taking out a membership subscription is almost a requirement.


The standalone Canary device comes in three attractive colours and can be connected via an Ethernet cable, via a powerline adaptor or via Wi-Fi to your broadband. It has an excellent build quality with a contemporary look that blends discreetly with your home décor without looking like a surveillance camera.

Image And Audio Quality

With its full HD 1080p footage, image quality from the Canary is impressive and it can also be used at night thanks to the night vision function. It has a wide angle lens which means that monitoring larger spaces is a breeze. When it comes to audio quality, the in-built microphone is very efficient and can record immediately a sound is picked up.


The loud siren can be activated through the Android or iOS app to warn off intruders while the many sensors monitor a number of elements inside the home including temperature, humidity and air quality. The user is alerted when there is any unexpected change so that they can take action as required. If an intruder is detected and the user decides not to activate the alarm, they can instead call the preset emergency service number so the intrusion or other event can be reported.


The app is available for download free of charge to Android and iOS users. The app is very intuitive and allows the user to view events on the full screen, switch between cameras and check alerts. Thanks to the Cloud storage function, all footage can be stored and viewed again at a later time which is ideal for use as evidence if necessary. The app is very secure with its many signing in options, and as it can also be accessed through the Apple Watch, users can disarm and arm their device and check notifications from their arm even when they don’t have their phone to hand.

Is Canary Recommended?

The Canary offers a few interesting features which are unavailable from most other security systems, for example the remotely activated siren and the ability to monitor the air quality. Despite the annual subscription, there are many excellent benefits that come with this device and it allows users to fully monitor their home for complete peace of mind in their absence. Allowing users to not only check for intruders or other incidents at home, but also to check up on children or pets in the house, it offers great value for money, and since it requires no professional installation, it can be installed and set up by anyone completely for free. Intuitive, cutting edge and future proofed, this is a leading system that has a lot to offer all homeowners who are looking for a modern security solution.

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