era logoERA is a specialist in the home security industry in the UK, and their HomeGuard Pro system, which is the first in its class, is an alarm system which is based in the cloud to pair smart living with efficient and effective home security. A forward thinking and futureproofed system, the HomeGuard Pro offers homeowners many advantages from ease of installation and use to the ability to monitor multiple locations at the same time.

Technology In The Cloud

A standard localised alarm system comes with a number of constraints which are removed when the system is based in the Cloud. One of the immediate benefits is that it has no distinct control panel, only a hub which means that setting up the system is a breeze, carried out through a smartphone app. Also, if the panel becomes damaged, all of the data and settings are stored safely in the cloud, allowing the user to simply buy a new hub and keep the system running without any hassles or difficulties.

Multiple Hub Monitoring

Another benefit of the Cloud is that it allows multiple hubs to be monitored from a single account, so viewing of multiple locations is able to be carried out in just a few seconds, flipping between them in just a few seconds. This can be accomplished with ease because the app doesn’t communicate with the panel through GPRS or SMS, but instead the app communicates with the Cloud, where multiple hubs’ data is held and can be reported back fluidly within just a few seconds.

Rapid Communication

One further advantage of the Cloud is the incredibly fast communication which it allows, and should there be an intrusion in the home, the HomeGuard Pro system can alert all of its stored contacts simultaneously, supplying data in real time. Users can simply log into the system, flip between the different IP cameras, and check the system’s disarm/arm logs – all allowing for easy and rapid management of home security in a highly convenient way.

Smart Device Connection

Even better, the cloud allows the system to communicate seamlessly with the home’s other smart devices which would be extremely difficult, if not impossible, with a standard local alarm. The HomeGuard Pro is also compatible with Lightwave so that the home can be fully automated. As well as the disarm and arm functionality, it can also integrate with the DoorCam (a Wi-Fi enabled Video Doorbell) and TouchKey (a keyless smart locking system) which brings a completely integrated system of smart home automation products to life, allowing them all to be managed and connected with a single user-friendly smartphone app.

Cost Effective

One final advantage that this Cloud-based system offers is the opportunity to save money in the long term. Every time a new integration is released or a new feature becomes available, it is possible to simply upgrade the hub through the Cloud, eradicating any need for physical adaptations or replacements.

What does the home guard pro installation cost?

The HomeGuard Pro is a plug and play device, meaning that it can be fitted easily, quickly and conveniently by anyone. It is ideal for the retrofittable domestic market, and comes at an affordable price tag of £299.00.

Is The HomeGuard Pro A Recommended Product?

Overall, the HomeGuard Pro represents an excellent choice for homeowners. Its cutting-edge cloud-based system is futureproofed and highly efficient, enabling the user to maximize their home automation and security with user-friendly controls and great convenience. As updates can easily be carried out without the need to buy further adaptations, users can look forward to many years of seamless use.