honeywell-logoEstablished in 1906 in the USA, Honeywell is a reliable manufacturer which makes a wide range of products including high quality security devices. As Honeywell relies on third parties to provide installation and monitoring services the prices vary considerably between suppliers and shopping around for the best price is essential.

The Pros Of Choosing Honeywell

  • Quality equipment
  • Some retailers offer self-installation as an option
  • Z-Wave home automation

The Cons Of Choosing Honeywell

  • 3rd party monitoring means experience and price varies
  • A complex installation process

Honeywell’s Product Key Features

Z-Wave home automation

Honeywell’s selection of Z-Wave home automation products include lighting, control over thermostats, locks, fans, cameras and shades. Users can create customised schedules which maximise automation, allowing them, for example, to dim the lights, lower the thermostat, lock the door, and arm the system when leaving the house.

The LYNX Touch Kit

The LYNX Touch Kit comes complete with all of the basics to get the system up and running including:

  • A LYNX Touch control panel
  • Three window/door sensors
  • A motion detector
  • A key fob
  • A Z-Wave module
  • A Wi-Fi module

This kit is of sufficient size for an apartment or small house and sets the property up with Z-Wave Control. It does not, however, include any of the brand’s home automation devices which must be purchased separately.

Lyric Security Camera

Allowing users to check on their property from their mobile device, the Honeywell Lyric Security Camera is suitable for indoor use and features night vision, custom motion detection zones and a 135 degree room view. Connected to the home’s wi-fi, it streams footage live to the app which can be downloaded to a smartphone and footage is also stored for free in the cloud. Even if the wi-fi goes down the 8GB SD card backs up the footage providing key evidence.

Smart Thermostats

Managing home energy and saving money is easy with a programmable smart thermostat. The Color Touch Thermostat links to a smartphone allowing the user to change temperatures while out of the house and is compatible with Alexa allowing the user to use voice controls to change temperatures in the home. Among its features are advanced scheduling, a color touch screen and a humidity sensor and it is simple to set up. This device stands alone and needs no complete Honeywell system to function.

Third-party Monitoring

There are a number of online monitoring companies which are compatible with Honeywells’s systems. Shop around to find one which has a price to fit into your budget and a monitoring style which meets your requirements. Honeywell’s systems do not work without having a subscription to a 3rd party monitoring service.

Professional Or DIY Installation

Users can either install their security system independently or arrange for a professional company to carry out the installation depending on the requirements of the monitoring company – some require that the system is professionally installed. The process takes several hours and is quite complex although YouTube videos are available to help.

So is Honeywell Recommended?

Honeywell’s security equipment is high quality and reliable as well as being compatible with the majority of Z-wave devices available for sale today. Unfortunately, their 3rd party seller model is outdated and isn’t ideal for consumers since the price of installation, monitoring and the equipment itself varies considerably. It can also be challenging to find accurate and up to date information about Honeywell security systems, so calling local dealers is important to find out all key information.
Overall, Honeywell’s security systems are a good choice if there is a monitoring company in your area which offers a fair rate and which can meet your requirements from home automation to security.