Piper Smart Hub Home Security Review


Having a connected home is all the rage these days, and being able to control your property even when you aren’t at home holds a number of possibilities. However one of the best uses for the internet of things is to gain a better awareness of what is happening inside your home and to boost its security and that is why remote surveillance equipment has become so popular. The Piper Smart Hub offers an all in one solution, tying up home security with home automation in a single control centre for complete convenience. Originally launched via the Indiegogo platform, the Piper smart hub not only reached its funding goals but actually exceeded its targets. More than a year after, it is now released on the European retail market.

Features An HD camera

The Piper smart hub holds an HD 1080p camera that features a fish eye lens to allow for easy home monitoring as well as sensors which can track a number of elements in the home including light, humidity levels, temperature and motion.

Communication Abilities

Not only does the Piper hub contain a camera, it also contains a 105 decibel siren to warn off intruders and a microphone as well as a loudspeaker that allows you to broadcast a voice remotely through the Piper mobile app. This means that you can speak to people inside your property even when you are out of the house.

A Multiple Hub System

With its strong focus on environmental and security observations, the primary hub is able to be just one of as many as five hubs set up around the property. This makes the Piper system highly functional and incredibly useful since it is able to communicate with many other peripherals and sensors via the Z-wave wireless standard for full home automation and a fully smart solution. These peripherals include a plethora of useful accessories including those with a focus on security such as door locks and sensors, to other ways of controlling aspects of the home including heating, power and lights.

What does the piper smart hub cost?

The Piper smart hub costs an affordable £119 in the UK and there are no additional subscription fees to pay afterwards making excellent value for money, although peripheral and extra devices will, of course, be charged separately. However, considering the convenience and ease of use of this system, which can easily be set up independently by the homeowner without having to arrange an third party fitter, and is impressive future-proofing and functionality, it represents the ideal choice for any family home.

The Benefits Of The Piper Smart Hub

The hub brain is able to connect via Wi-Fi to the internet, with all its functions (including Z-wave device functions) can be easily controlled through the Piper downloadable mobile apps for iOS or Android devices. Not only that, but users are able to view recorded clips or live footage from the camera, speak to anyone inside the property and also view historical records for any of the paired or on-board sensors. Notifications can be pushed to a smartphone and scheduled events can be set up together with complex rules that feature conditions such as “turn on living room life if motion has been detected.” The concept behind the Piper smart hub is that it can either function perfectly well as a stand alone device, or it can be paired up with other security features and home automation gadgets to create a convenient full home platform. Since there are currently many Z-Wave utilising devices available for sale on the market today, it couldn’t be easier to set up the latest cutting edge contemporary home system.

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