Wireless Security Systems

A good security system will help you to protect your home, your family, and your belongings. Many people would like to have a decent wireless security system, but they often worry about the price of a subscription. They do not like the idea of getting locked into a long-term contract either. There is an alternative to getting yourself hitched on a subscription service, however. Here are the 5 best DIY, self-monitoring, wireless security systems of 2017.

5. PiSector 2-in-1 Cellular Wireless Security Alarm

PiSector-2-in-1-Cellular-WirelessThe PiSector offers both auto-dial and text message alerts to notify you in the event of an emergency. It can be set to alert you to floods, fire, and burglary. Plus, it allows you to do the monitoring yourself, rather than having to hire a company and pay monthly contract fees. It works via a landline/VoIP system which provides protection against a range of threats to your home. Once the system is triggered, it activates both a local alarm which notifies you by telephone. Users can call the system anytime, just like voicemail, and check the system status. The control panel is designed to be easy to conceal so that intruders cannot easily destroy it. Finally, it is able to run on battery power during outages.

4. GE Simon XTi Wireless Security System

GE-Simon-XTi-Wireless-home-securityThis system employs an integrated wireless security service which can be routed through either your phone, the internet, or another telecom device. The GE Simon comes with a plug & protect customization option with one month of LiveWatch service ( an interactive application provided by Safemart ). The entire system can be assembled and activated in under an hour. It is extremely simple to use and very user-friendly.

3. Simplesafe2 Wireless Security

Simplesafe2-alarm-systemThis unique wireless security system comes in a package that includes 8 main pieces. It can be installed easily by the user in less than 45 minutes and entirely forgo the cost of a commercially installed system. For those who anticipate possibly wanting to upgrade to a subscription service in the future, this may be for you. Monitoring stations for the Simplesafe2 are UL certified, have a nationwide service range, and are online 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Each unit has an integrated cell modem which is impervious to damage by intruders. The system is run from a single keypad, but the centralized controller is located in a separate base station. Its motion sensors can detect movement up to thirty feet and have a 90-degree visual field. Finally, the Simplesafe2 comes with a panic button which sends an emergency alert to the call center should you require immediate assistance.

2. The Landline All-in-One Wireless Security Alarm GS08-M20

Wireless-Security-Alarm-GS08-M20The Landline system comes with a dual network, GSM and landline connectivity – for twice the protection. This system secures your home with text message alerts and auto dial because either can be easy to miss depending on your phone settings and surroundings. Users need not subscribe to a monthly service. An audible chime function alerts the homeowner to opening doors and windows. The in-house siren is extraordinarily loud, and the console is easy to conceal so that intruders will not be able to find and destroy it.

1. Fortress Security Store (TM) S02-F Wireless Security Alarm Kit

Fortress-Security-Store-(TM)-S02-FOur number one pick is arguably the most advanced do it yourself wireless security kit on the market. The Fortress has magnetic sensors for doors and windows that are able to discern between normal opening and forcible break-ins. The system has an integrated smoke detector and an outdoor siren that makes it difficult for your neighbors to ignore the trouble. The system is extremely simple to use and has the easiest set up of all the DIY systems released this year. It is fully programmable and will call a phone number designated by the user in the event of a security breach. Because your home contains almost all your valuables, including the lives of you and your loved ones, protection of a home security system is indispensable. No matter which system you choose to suit your needs, owning home security can drastically reduce the chance of a burglary and protect that which you value most.