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What is Home security?

Security is the application of methods and procedures that are used to make our lifestyle secure against any vulnerabilities, threats and risks. By applying security appropriately, we will achieve safety.


A Vulnerability’ is the avenue that a threat uses to reach you and cause you harm. If your front door lock is broken, that is a ‘vulnerability’. If you can’t shut and lock the front door, your house isn’t secure. If you can’t secure the house, the contents and people inside can’t be protected against any external threats. A broken front door would be easy to identify. The vulnerability isn’t always so easy to spot, however. For example, leaving your garden shed door unlocked leaves you vulnerable in several ways.


A threat is any occurrence that could cause you harm, loss or distress. Threats may be imposed on us by crimes such as theft, robbery, burglary and assault by drunks in the street. Threats could be imposed on us by criminal activity or accident, and other threats, such as fire or flood.

Why do you need home security?

Crime statistics can be quite worrying, but they can help us too. For example, look at the crime facts below, from over 10 years ago!
A burglary takes place on average every 30 seconds in the UK. At least 80% of burglars are opportunists, they look for a quick and easy way in and out. Leave the front door open while you ‘nip next door’ and your wallet or handbag might be gone when you get back home. At least 20% of burglars don’t have to force entry, they just walk in through open doors and windows! About 60% of burglars enter the target premises from the rear – where there is less chance of them being spotted and or reported. More burglaries happen during the day than at night. At night it is quiet and there are more people at home to hear and report strange people, noises, lights or breaking glass where they shouldn’t be. For that reason most burglaries happen during the day.

There are many different ways you can secure a home from intruders. A two thousand pound state-of-the-art security system may protect your home just as well as a cheap do-it-yourself kit. The real answer lies with you and how comfortable you feel with your security situation and solution.

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